Create your organization profile

This feature is only available to organization owners and administrators.

The information in your organization profile is displayed on your organization's registration and login pages, and (optionally) in the communities directory. Your organization profile picture is also used for switching between organizations in the Desktop app.

Edit organization profile

The organization description supports full Markdown syntax, including bold/italic, links, lists, and more.

  1. Go to Organization profile.

  2. Edit your organization name, type, description, and profile picture.

  3. (optional) Click Preview organization profile to see a preview of your organization's login page in a new browser tab.

  4. Click Save changes.

Zulip communities directory

The Zulip communities directory offers publicly accessible Zulip Cloud organizations an opportunity to be listed on the Zulip website. It's a way for open-source projects, research communities, and others to advertise their Zulip community and support the Zulip project.

The directory will display your community's name, logo, and a link to you Zulip chat. Other information from your organization profile and the size of your organization may be included as well.

Change whether your organization may be listed in the Zulip communities directory

  1. Go to Organization profile.

  2. To be listed in the appropriate category, under Organization type, select the option that best fits your organization.

  3. Toggle Advertise organization in the Zulip communities directory.

  4. Click Save changes.

For more details, see Communities directory.

This feature is only available to Zulip Cloud Standard and self-hosted organizations.

You can customize the logo users see in the top left corner of the Zulip app. For best results make sure your logo has a transparent background, and trim any bordering whitespace. To upload a logo:

  1. Go to Organization profile.

  2. Under Organization logo, upload a new logo.

Make sure to test the logo in both light theme and dark theme.